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Our services are driven by our in-depth understanding of clients marketing objectives with over 20 years of experience and our proprietary marketing tools. 

  • Brochure website = Not selling any product or services                                          $1,200.00
  • E-Com website = Selling products or service                                                             $1,900.00 +
  • Web Management & Marketing 
    • Includes:
      • Internet Social Media Marketing (2 posting per month on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
      • Web Editing with client supplying the images & data (This generally comes in the form of trade magazines or data from web trade links)
      • Hosting - With up to 5 e-mail accounts
      • Google Analytics -  We'll link the client to this service, so they know who is visiting the website and their demographics
      • Monthly Fee - $650.00 per month for a term of 6-12 months 

  • THE EASY WAY - Social Media Marketing.   -       We teach staff or sales teams how to use social media as a FREE SALES TOOL and its a need to know as part of their marketing efforts in today's market.                        ONE TIME CHARGE
  • COST -   One time charge for this of $950.00 for up to 6 people.  This is done in person, not a webinar.


1. Advertising is the only medium you can control – if you want your message to hit on the day a product launches or event is about to happen, this is the only vehicle you control completely.

2. Advertising allows you to target ideal customers only – when you match a very personal message to a very select audience you get far greater connection.

3. Advertising creates awareness for your content – The force that drives a great deal of conversion and trust building these days is educational content – ebooks, seminars and blog posts – advertising is a great way to help get that content found and consumed once you’ve gone to the effort to produce it.

4. Advertising adds credibility to your message – Don’t ask me why this is exactly, but every time I run advertising people comment that business must be going well. The perception that you can afford advertising is often enough to sell and resell prospects and customers alike and makes it easier to get attention for your entire message.

5. Advertising amplifies everything else you’re doing – When you are using advertising to create awareness for your content you automatically create more awareness for everything you are doing. Journalists find companies that advertise, referral sources remember companies that advertise, people fan and follow and friend from ads, and employees can point to well-placed ads as a source of pride in place they work.



Internet Marketing in Cincinnati and today's world isn't just a method but must do.  The web designer in Cincinnati has to be aware of more than just design.

How Are Businesses and Customers Interacting on Social?                                     As you’ll learn it’s important to know how companies and customers are actually using it. In a recent study, it was shown that people follow businesses on social media for: 

                                   Promotions and discounts (71%)                                                      

Latest product information   (66%) Customer service (49%)   


It’s that last entry that a lot of companies forget, even though half of your followers have done so specifically to get extra help or support. If you really want to get some value out of your social media, it’s critical that you’re focused on the things your customers are actually looking for.                                                                                                                                  

The study goes on to say that nearly 46% of businesses surveyed thought that social media has some value, meaning they don’t see it as an intrinsic part of modern business. 

Only 14% believed it had proven value. At the same time, 29% said that social media is valuable, which comes off a little like people saying something because they’ve heard that this is the case, but they’ve never seen it applied to their own situation. On to some other important statistics: · 61% of people say reviews on social media influence their buying decisions · 68% of people look to Facebook when purchasing products or service. So wake up and smell the roses and in this case it can me new business.  Still don’t like then sell your business or it value will decrease.   

When best to post on Facebook

The best time to post on Facebook is 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Other optimal times include 12:00–1:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and 1:00–4:00 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays.

Engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays, and weekdays from 1:00–4:00 p.m. tend to see the highest clickthrough rates. On Fridays, Facebook usage spikes by 10%. Since people tend to be happier on Fridays, Neil Patel suggests posting funny or upbeat content to match your audience's mood.

The worst times to post on Facebook are weekends before 8:00 a.m. and after 8:00 p.m., according to SurePayroll's research.Best times to post & not post on Facebook

How to Use Hashtags (DO!) #     

 Do be specific when using hashtags

Try and hone in on a passionate community that shares an interest in one specific theme. The more specific you can get with your hashtag, the more targeted your audience will be—and a targeted audience generally means better engagement. If you don’t have your own business hashtag, find one or two existing ones that really fit the photo.

Say, for example, your business sells baby products. Instead of using #parents—resulting in parents of children of all ages—opt for #newmom. The hashtag #newmom is specific to mothers of newborns—your target customer.

Do cater hashtags to the social network you’re using

While hashtags on all social networks have the same fundamental purpose of content tagging and discovery, the use of hashtags still varies by network.

As we explain in our post, The Complete Instagram Hashtag Guide for Business, hashtags on the photo- and video-sharing platform are often more focused on a description of the content. This is at odds with Twitter, where hashtags tend to be more focused a topic of conversation, or a group of people (a chat for example) that you would like to engage.

Before using hashtags, do research on the proper way to use them for that particular network. Most networks will have guides for hashtag selection and use (here’s Twitter’s, and again, our own for Instagram).

Also, take the time to discover the most popular and most relevant hashtags on a specific subject for each network. This extra time you invest will pay off in engagement down the road. 




  • The Free Website and if you really think its free think again:
    • You don't own the site & you can't move it because its their software
    • They really don't care if the pages are titled wrong. Isn't that the one of the ways a site is indexed?
    • They don't care if it gets hacked but will charge you to fix it.


  • We have about 120 years of combined 
  • We're the only one's that have The Gatekeeper Internet marketing method, because we have the creator of it.
  • We're the only one's that will show the small business owner or a sales team how to use Social Media as a sales tool the EASY WAY 
    • signsbytomorrow.com/cincinnatinorth
    • Owner is Gregg  (513) 942-5494


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