Ensure Your Business Technology Is Ready for the New Year 2019

A lot has changed in the business technology landscape in 2018, and things will likely accelerate in 2019. Take the time, make the time or do more damage than good.

1. Be Ready to Integrate New Solutions

You never know when a game-changing app or solution is going to pop up on your radar. Make sure you have the flexibility to work it into your business tech solutions.  Stay in touch with your web marketing people.

Make sure your IT and web presence is PRO ACTIVE NOT REACTIVE and that you focus on using technology to improve business processes, rather than putting out fires. 

2. Update Your Security

Large or small business and data breaches are on the rise, and 2019 may bring more of the same. 

The good news is that there are a few basic things you can do to improve your security. Remember, most updates are released because some sort of security vulnerability needs to be patched. 

3. Take Advantage of Software-as-a-Service Solutions 

When you look to refresh your business operations, consider options that give you the flexibility to mix and match what works for you. 

4. Update Your CRM

CRMs are constantly evolving, and if you’ve been using one for a while, examine how you can improve the ways you manage your data. 

Take the time to evaluate your CRM implementation as it currently stands and how you might be able to update it to make the most of new technology.

5. Have a Conversation With Your ISP

Your internet service provider can do more than just connect you to the internet. (By the way, are you sure you have enough bandwidth to meet your future needs?) Remember they have a double objective, helping clients but more sales as well. Get references regardless.

What You Can Do Right Now

As we move into 2019, look at how your business currently uses technology and where you could stand to improve. Take advantage of what’s new and make sure you have the tools you need to get more work done in the new year.

  • Shift      your IT from a reactive to a proactive approach.
  • Migrate      more core business operations to the cloud.
  • Update      your website, devices and software to make sure your network is secure.
  • Update      your CRM to take advantage of the latest technology.
  • Talk      to your ISP about what they can do to help and if you are in but with both      eyes open.

Give Customers Content They Want or just given what they need

Part of your internet marketing strategy should be providing your audience with helpful content. It’s important for your potential customers to think of you as a resource. Providing potential buyers with content relating to their industry of which they can use a trusted source. Here are four genres of content to publish for your audience:

Educational – Want to become that trusted advisor to your customer? Educate them! Give them information that they can use and explain how your product or service is the answer. A great way to do this is to post tips about your industry. Inspirational – Give a quote that you live by. Whatever it is, make sure it’s inspiring!

Interesting –  People can consume articles, news, and blogs at a rate never before seen today. They are constantly being bombarded with advertisements and therefore its become imperative to make your content easy for customers to consume. People don’t really want to read something that is just a wall of text. So remember a picture is worth a thousand words.

Promotions – Every once in awhile you want to mix in something about your own business and how it can help them. Posting a promotions can also allow you to give away or offer at a great discount products that has little value on the books because of its age but great value to a potential existing or new customer. 



There are several firms that are willing to service your account and their first question is how much do your want to spend.  The question should be what do you want to achieve?

We do more and have the proof and that proof in an actual account showing you the clicks, page position, cost per click and the duration of the visit to your site by the person that made the click.  

The on the left shows you just that and you'll see such low pricing for the click or a duration so long.  Our competitors won't show you because they can't perform.


5 Easy Ways to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

1. Establish a strong online presence

The profile and cover image are the first elements that your page visitors notice. They give a general impression of what you stand for or what you represent. 

2. Keep your status current.

Ensure you update a status that calls attention to the business you run. Leave an intelligent joke from time to time to entertain your page visitors. No one likes someone who is too uptight. 

3. Add your customers and employees

Add a follow’ button to your company page and invite your key customers and employees to follow your page. Your employees know everything about your business and would be the first ones to share any new information that you post.

4. Ask for recommendations

Kindly ask your customers to give testimonials from the Recommendations function. 

5. Use lead generation companies

Lead generation essentially involves looking for unique ways to attract people to a business. Remember these companies are they first to make money for themselves. So stay alert! Any business and it doesn’t matter if its B2B or B2C those that fail have the following reasons for failing:

  • Business owners actually built the website and thought if you build it they will come.  They totally forget that was a fictional movie and at that time, there were a few hundred websites and today there are a few Hundred Million websites. 
  • Now business owners that over-tech in their minds of what a website is about and it hasn’t generated a nickel for them, put it on the back burner.
  • If someone says something about it the first thing they look at is the price.  Now you got major hosting companies       saying we’ll build you a free website.  Do you really think it’s  FREE and even you dad said there is no such thing as a free lunch and he’s still right?  Try to move it, you can’t because they own it, make major changes to adjust to the times and you’ll pay $120 per hour.   There goes your free website.
    •  First let us explain, a business website of any size  has to be interactive with your business on a DAILY basis.
    •  It makes NO difference if you’re selling something, offering a service, it’s there to interact with YOUR CUSTOMERS. Not just sit there and look pretty.

Keeping things in perspective remember there are two types of #websites.-


A.) Brochure sites – Nothing was being sold on the site or could be purchased directly from the website.

B.) E-Commerce - 90% of the time it was consumer products or just purchased directly by the consumer.


          NOW THE GOOD NEWS:

  • A good web development and marketing firm will show you what works and what won’t
  • A business website needs weekly interaction on the owners part and the reasoning is that a lot of stuff is free.
  • The cost to have a business Facebook FREE, LinkedIn page FREE and Twitter page FREE.  At this current date and time, none of the social media sites charge you to have a social page business or personal.
  • A website should have two editors the site owner and      the website management.
  • Social Media is a FREE sales tool and all you have to do is learn the basic and EASY WAY of doing it.   It is   something we teach our clients and charges them one time.  Salespersons and staff can become your social media marketing team.  Your cost Zero!
  • What is the average cost of a business website that      gives you not just the bells and tools but something that changes as YOUR      business changes?  Brochure Website: $1,200 to $1,500.  Full      E-Com Website $1,900 to $3,500 based on the number of products to be sold on      the site.  

So now you know the truth and you want to treat your business website as a 3rd cousin and live with something that does nothing for another 5-7 years, your competitors will love to watch you go out of business. 

Remember, a business website after its done will cost you about $1,200 dollars for the whole year.  Working it will be like having a salesperson that won’t get sick, won’t be late and not need a vacation. - 513 702-6928  - Pro IT Marketing



Social Media Marketing Made Easy


When Joining  LinkedIn

a. Start a new email account, like a Yahoo account and use this email for your relationship with LINKEDIN. This one you’ll use in your profile. Only use this email for your LINKEDIN account. 

b. Once you’ve join, you can join other groups and my suggestion would be, don’t sing to the choir. Join groups that would use your product or service, not associated with it :

i. Linked Ohio

ii. Linked Cincinnati

iii. Look at customers names on linkedIn & join their groups

iv. Cincinnati Business resource group

v. Cincinnati Mfg’s

vi. Manufacturers 


Find out more



Numbers do not lie and when it comes to Business Social Media you better listen or your company valuation will decrease by 50%.

§ Facebook:  1 BILLION 

§ Twitter: 5OO MILLION  

§ Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.

§ On average, over 100 tweets happen by the second on Twitter.

§ 53% Male and 47% Female

§ LinkedIn 56% Males and 44% Females 

§ LinkedIn is those aged 30 to 64 years old— fall 61 % USERS within this age group.

§ Not only that, but over 75 percent of LinkedIn users have incomes of over $50,000. This means that these are people you want your message to reach. A full 50% OF b2b BUYERS 




a. Initially do this every two weeks. (remember you can always cut & paste)

b. Then after about 3 months, you only have to do it once a month and you can post the same discussion on each group you are a member of.

c. Time is 5-10 Minutes every two weeks but increase as the number of groups you join. Still time per month, shouldn’t exceed for 10 groups of 30 minutes per month. Minutes, not hours per week but minutes per month.


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